Hot Sauce Gift

     Choosing hot sauce gifts is a fun and tasty way to provide friends and family with a variety of new hot sauce flavors for marinating, grilling or heating up their favorite foods. Sampler sets, limited edition sauces and special holiday containers are just a few of ways to give hot sauce as a gift. And don't forget the best of all, homemade hot sauce custom fitted!

Sampler Sets

     Many of the best hot sauces are available in sampler sets in a wide assortment including hot barbeque sauces, marinade sauces from mild to extreme heat and limited edition hot sauce gifts. they are an easy way to share the warmth.

  • Gourmet Mike’s: Hot Sauce Sampler Sets include:

    • Jim Beams nine heat sauces, Magma Hot Sauce, the BBQ Sampler with six different sauces including Mad Dog Original and Budweiser Honey BBQ sauce.

    • Extreme Heat sampler set includes five of the hottest sauces including Da Bomb and Magma hot sauce both come with key chains.

    • Salsa lovers will delight in the Salsa Sampler Set that includes six flavorful salsa including Blair’s XXX Hot Fire Roasted Tomato Habanera and Cajohn’s Peach.

  • HotSauce.Com: HotSauce offers two, three, four and six-pack bottles of hot sauce sampler sets, including:

    • Blair’s Mini Death Sauce Sampler a four pack of two ounce bottles.

    • Crazy Mother Pucker’s four different sampler sets of sauces ranging from mild to extremely hot.

    • Captain Thoms Zombie Sauce sets.

    • African Rhino three-pack sampler

    • Dave’s, Da Bomb

    • Jim Beam hot sauce sets

  • MoHotta: A few of the many hot sauce samplers that provide a wide range of sampler sizes and prices include:

  • Dad’s Bucket of Fire sampler set is packaged in a small bucket.

  • Budweiser Hot Sauce is available in four and six pack sampler sets.

  • Blair’s Death Sauce Sampler set.

Limited Edition

     Many of the best hot sauce makers create limited edition bottles of some of the hottest sauces they make including:

  • Blair’s 16 Million Reserve, a one milliliter bottle filled with pure capsaicin crystal.

  • 357 Mad Dog Pepper Extract is the fourth sauce released in the Mad Dog Special Edition group and has a Scoville rating of 5 million units.

  • Magama 4 is a limited edition sauce who’s bottle is signed and numbered.

  • Demon Ichor is a ready to use pepper extract.

  • Da Bomb Final Answer is flavored with apricot nectar, mustard, garlic and allspice in a two ounce bottle of pure heat sauce.

Specialty Gifts

     Hot sauce gifts can include recipes, t-shirts, barbecuing utensils and decorative racks that let hot sauces stay within arms reach.

  • Hot sauce clothing includes standard t-shirts, polo type shirts with collar and buttons in both long and short sleeve styles.

  • Screen-printed messenger and tote bags, baby bibs and ball caps are available from many of the top selling hot sauce makers including Da Bomb and Blair’s.

  • Holiday sets are available in decorative baskets with condiments that compliment the sauces, dry rubs, beverage sauces including Bloody Mary sauces and marinades.

  • Gift cards and certificates are available from many hot sauce providers and allow the recipient to choose their own heat flavors.

  • Homemade Hot Sauce can be customized and bottled to the recipient satisfaction.

Finding hot sauce gifts in the heat, size and price range you want is easy and giving the gift of hot sauce will bring warmth for months to come.

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