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     Several factors go into the decision to choose the hot sauce book you want to buy. All books include some pertinent pepper points like facts, figures, and tips but not all books are created equal.

Determine your goal before you choose a book.

  • Choosing hot chile pepper: peppers vary widely in the degree of heat they produce, as well as their individual shapes. The uses of chile peppers, with more than 100 chiles varieties, vary from pod types to which beverages go best with chile peppers. A book that shows how to select and make the perfect accompaniment to meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, pasta, and hors d’oeuvres is what you will want to go for.

  • Growing chile pepper: as a gardener, if you want to hone your pepper growing skills, you need a book filled with information on composting, solarizing, seeds, and diseases. If you've grown peppers in the past and wasn't quite successful, you’ll discover where you've gone wrong and importantly, learn how to mend your ways.

  • Preserving peppers: some of you grow your own peppers or buy them at a farmer's market and might want to put some up to enjoy later. Since hot peppers come in different size and shape, their preservation is not a one size fits all; therefore, a guide into post-harvest processing and preservation is welcome.

1001 Best Hot and Spicy Recipes
  • Cooking peppers: From salsa verde to mango-jicama relish, hot and spicy sauces add a fiery kick to the simplest dishes. Hot sauce recipes books offer quick and easy ideas for salsa, sambals, relishes, marinades and dips. These range from the traditional, such as spicy Thai marinade of mango and cucumber salsa to the more innovative such as sesame and ginger dip.

  • Hot Sauce Collector: Collector Hot Sauces are the sauces that are most sought after in the hot & spicy world and many even come in unique bottle shapes and sizes. For someone who is interested in beginning a collection of hot sauce, a book is a great starting point; Collector Guide books usually contain a lot of information that is useful in helping someone who may not know where to look to start a collection.

  • Hot Sauce Diet: yes you read it right! This may rather surprise you, but there is such a thing called a hot sauce diet, the diet plan created by Dr. Spiro Antoniades, M.D., a surgeon, who personally struggled with this condiment to get back to normal weight. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in hot sauce, decreases your appetite, makes you thirsty, and when you drink lots of fluids, you feel your stomach get fuller. All of these mechanisms make you eat less. The diet is about putting hot sauce in just about any food you eat. Like, pour it in an olive or salad, and then eat it. You can basically eat anything, only that you spice them with hot sauce.

     Choosing a hot sauce book may need to be a choice that is made considering the goal you are looking to achieve, instead of whether it’s the best-selling hot sauce book.

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