My Homemade Hot Sauce and More

   Homemade hot sauce is a culinary heritage transmitted early at home to me by mom and grandmas.  A staple that accompanied every single meal when I was growing up, the hot sauce was never the same.  The meal and I think sometimes even mom's emotions and feelings dictated what the ingredients will be: pebe, njansang, oinions, habaneros, chili...

   Cameroonian pepper hot sauce is as ubiquitous in Cameroon as salt and pepper on an American table. Sometimes referred to as the hinge of Africa, Cameroon is home to 253 ethnic groups originating from most of Africa. This diversity makes the Cameroonian cuisine one of the most varied and exciting in Africa.
   With this variety it is no wonder you will find hundreds or even thousands of recipes for hot pepper sauce across the country.

    Every ethnic group and even every home have their own recipes.

Below is a repertoire of my family recipes.

From my family to yours, enjoy!

Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

Did you try one of our recipes, please leave a comment below.

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