Gourmet Gift for Dad

     Buying good food presents for your father can be hard. The ideal gourmet gift for dad would have things that he normally wouldn’t try for himself, or things that you like that you can use to create a shared food bond between you both. A hot sauce gift pack makes for an ideal gift as there are dozens of different flavors and spice levels to suit all taste buds. Not only that, but hot sauce bottles tend to have some of the most colorful labels and the funniest names, which mean that even if they only get used once, they can still be used to make a nice display in the kitchen.

Kinds of Gift Packs

     There are three main types of hot sauce gift packs to choose from:

  • The mixed bag, where you’ll get a wide variety of sauces for everything from chilies to barbeques. You’ll also get a range of spice levels, and the hot sauces will tend to be made by different companies. This is a great gourmet gift for dad if you’re trying to introduce him to the world of hot sauces.

  • The “insanity” sauce collections, which are designed to be so hot that you’ll need gallons of cream to cool down. These tend to have the most amusing, and also crude, names, so they can be quite a fun gift even if they never get used. Consider this gift if your father likes hot sauces already, or you want to challenge him to increase his spice tolerance.

  • The alcohol-based sauces. Companies such as Jack Daniels and Jim Beam will use their whiskeys to create hot barbeque sauces. Go for this gourmet gift for dad if he likes his whiskey as a way of blending the boundary between food and drink.

The Mixed Bag

     In a mixed bag gourmet gift for dad, you’ll want to look for a set that gives you the widest variety of sauces for your money. You could go for the Ultimate Gourmet Gift Basket, which includes:

  • 5 different sauces. You get two exceptionally hot sauces, a couple of barbecue sauces to spread on meat and a milder generic hot sauce.

  • Barbecue snacks, such as spiced pistachio nuts and peanuts

  • Flavored salts and seasonings for meat

This tends to be a good combination, as it means that even if he doesn't like the hot sauces, there are still other things that he’d like.

The Insanity Sauce Collections

     If you’re looking to give your dad’s taste buds a challenge, you’ll want to find the spiciest hot sauce gift pack you can buy. Try not to be sidetracked by the names if you’re concerned about looking for spiciness. Hot sauces use different chilies to get their heat, and by looking at the recipe, you can work out the heat of the sauce. Chilies are rated on the Scoville scale, which runs from 0 to 16 million. To get a sense of scale scotch bonnet chilies tend to be the spiciest you can buy in a supermarket, and they come in around 400,000 units.

Alcohol Based Sauces

     Hot sauces that incorporate alcohol will tend to be more sugary and milder than other sauces. The main piece of advice if you choose to find a gourmet gift along these lines is spend the extra money on buying name branded products. You’ll find that the sauces taste like the whiskey they’re made from, and the bottle labels will be instantly recognizable to your father.

It’s possible to spend a small fortune on hot sauce gift packs, as they tend to be quite expensive for how much sauce you get. To get around this, you could buy a collection of your own bottles instead of buying a pre-packaged set. For an even cheaper option, try making your own sauces then bottling and labeling them in time for his birthday. While this might not be a true gourmet gift for dad, the time and effort spent will be appreciated and you may find you have a talent for making high quality hot sauce.

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