Hot Sauce Lovers Gift Pack

     The hot sauce lovers gift pack is the answer, if you’re trying to look for the perfect gift for someone who likes spicy food. This will normally be a selection of different hot sauces, along with any other relevant accessories, such as recipe books and glazing brushes for hot sauce marinades. You can choose to either buy a gift pack pre-made from a store or online, or make one up yourself. Both have advantages over the other, and your choice will be determined by your time and budget.

Store Bought Gift Packs

     Buying a pre-made hot sauce lovers gift pack is a little more complicated than it sounds. There are dozens of companies who specialize in making all sorts of different hot sauces, and most of these will box a few together as a way of selling more stock. The main advantage of shop bough gift packs is that they will come professionally presented, and all of the bottles will look similar when put on display. Things to look out for in a store hot sauce lovers gift pack include:

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  • A selection of different spice levels. Some companies will just offer their 3 most explosive hot sauces, but for a true connoisseur, you need to provide them with taste as well as spice.

  • Additional extras. These might include spicy rubs for meat, glazing brushes for marinating and chili oils for frying.

  • Good presentation. Part of the attraction of a store bought pack is that you don’t have to worry about making your gift look good, so make sure you can see a picture of what you’re buying before you order.

     If you are buying your pack from an online store, be sure to check out the shipping costs before you commit to buying. Food stuffs tend to be quite heavy and it’s surprising how quickly the costs can rise with just a few bottles of hot sauce.

Do It Yourself Gift Packs

     Making your own  gift pack can be a lot of fun, as it allows you to completely personalize your gift. You can pick out their favorite hot sauces as well as introducing a few new ones, and you can put any fun additional extras in, even if they have nothing to do with hot sauce. The most important thing to decide will be the presentation. You could try:

  • A traditional wicker basket. This allows you to display the bottles fully, and it looks very inviting. They can also just display the basket in their kitchen instead of having to unpack everything.

  • Wrapping each bottle individually. This may take more time, but will elongate the suspense for those people who like surprises. You could try to order them in spice order, or by how funny you find the name.

  • Making a hot sauce rack. This is incredibly useful, as it solves the problem of where to put all the new bottles. Make sure that they either have enough free wall space in their kitchen for the rack, or that it can be free standing..

     When you’ve decided on your presentation, the actual content of the pack will be down to the flavor and spice preferences of the person that you’re making it for, and your budget. For a cheaper option, you might want to think about making your own hot sauce and bottling it up for them. If you do decide to try this, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to test your recipes out, as it can be very easy to make a hot sauce that is too spicy to use.

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