Liquid Table Hot Sauce

by Roger
(Cameroon, Douala)

Liquid Hot Peppers Sauce

Liquid Hot Peppers Sauce

This is the Simplest recipe for Table Hot Sauce and is a staple in our family. One drop is usually what you need to give that food the quick it lacks.

The amount of Sauce is determined by the quantity of oil added to the peppers.

The Heat amount is a combination of the kind of Peppers, the amount of oil used.


06 Medium Peppers

Oil of choice

For this exact recipe I used like four different kinds of peppers: Jamaican Hot Yellow Pepper, Surinam Yellow, Devil's Tongue Chili Pepper, Datil Chili Pepper.

I also used Vegetable oil, you can use any kind of oil but remember that will affect the final taste of the sauce as well.

Ok here are the steps:

First remove the tails and wash the peppers.
Place them in a small pan with about 7oz of water, boil for 15 to 20 minutes.
Add the amount of oil desired, let it cook till all the oil has evaporated.
Strained and put in a container.

This can be stored in the refrigerator or not.

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