Hot Sauce Labels

     Hot Sauce labels are the perfect way to make a "HOT" statement and the possibilities are endless with unique private label products. Use them to promote your own brand, advertise your business, fund raise, give a personalized gift, commemorate a special event, or create a novelty brand.

 Labelling Your Hot Sauces

     Business purpose: Your  hot sauce label is your most important marketing vehicle and can make or break the success of your hot sauce.

     As fiery food brands battle for shelf space and market share, the role of packaging has never been so important. When you are selling your hot sauce in a retail store you need to have a hot sauce label that will catch the consumer's eyes.

     Label designs and product names by hot sauce makers nowadays range from the comical to the obscene. Your name and design have to stand out to get the consumer’s attention. You can put your logo, picture or any other personalized text you want on the label as well as nutritional information.

     It’s a good idea to have nutritional information on your bottle so research requirements for ingredient lists and nutritional information to put on the labels; if you only sell within your state; you are subject to your state's food safety and information laws. If not, you may need a more comprehensive label.

     In case you need to write detailed nutrition facts, submit a sample of your sauce to a food lab, and have them write up the analysis for you.

     Even though you can design your own custom label, it’s a business wise idea to work with an establish company to create your labels; going that route has many advantages such as:

  • Printers have hundreds of in-house die cutters that you can choose from, saving you the expense of having your own die design custom-made.
  • They can squeeze an awful lot of information into a very small space. Is your container too small for the nutritional facts? Extended text, booklet and plow folded labels can offer you the extra space to comply with regulations, include multi-lingual information and can also give you a promotional forum for recipe ideas, coupons, rebates, other product marketing and cross-promotions with other manufacturers.
  • Your converter needs to know what material your container is made from, its shape and the environmental conditions that the product will be expected to withstand. For example, if your product is refrigerated, the label will need resistance to low temperatures and moisture to maintain its performance.
  • It’s also important to tell your converter whether the label will be applied automatically or by hand. If you are having a company produce your sauce, you will need to make sure you get label rolls that work on auto labelers.

     Personalized hot sauce: Great for weddings, food-themed showers, outdoor celebrations, birthday parties, etc., they can be homemade or you can find a hot sauce maker.

     A few hot sauce makers will let you put your name and design on their bottles of hot sauce for a fee. Bottles come personalized with your own brand on custom designed labels.

     When you make the sauce yourself, you will need to buy bottles and buy or print your own labels. Labels for homemade sauces give the bottles a professional appearance. However, ordering them from a printer can be expensive and you may not be satisfied with the finished product. It is possible to make your own sauce bottle labels with label paper, a printer and a word processing application, such as Microsoft Word.

Hot Sauce Label Tips

  1. Measure your bottle/container and make sure your label design accounts for ridges, slopes, etc. that may prevent a label from adhering.
  2. A "no label" look shows off hearty sauces with clear label to let your product show through parts of your label design. Clear labels can also blend to the container.
  3. Know what temperature your sauce will be when the label is applied as the best materials vary by temperature during application.
  4. A UPC code can be obtained for a fee from the Uniform Product Code Council in case you will be selling your sauce in grocery stores and don’t forget the nutrition information.

Ready to show off that Hot Sauce, start sketching off that label!

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