Cajun Hot Sauce

     The Cajun population of Louisiana is famous for the great cuisine, and Cajun hot sauce is no exception. These great chili sauces use the best quality peppers available and contain other tasty ingredients like garlic and onion. In many cases, the recipes for these sauces have passed down through the generations.

     The Cajun people are a French-speaking ethnic group that originally migrated to Louisiana from Canada after the French and Indian War. They maintain their own unique dialect of the French language and their own original brand of cooking. The Cajun cuisine uses lots of spices and they make great Cajun hot sauce, and there are a number of great Cajun sauces available on the market.

Bayou Butt Burner

     The best selling specialty pepper sauce in Louisiana is also a 2002 winner of a Scovie Award, the food industries spicy food awards. Containing a great blend of cayenne peppers, minced garlic and onion and cane vinegar that combine to produce a general-purpose medium heat sauce.

Bayou Love Potion Pepper Sauce

     Love Potion adds habanero peppers to the Butt Burner recipe to make a great sauce even hotter.

Global Warming Hot Sauce

     This Cajun hot sauce uses a mustard base for a unique flavor. The sauce also has scotch bonnet peppers and makes a great seasoning for pork and other meats.

Katrina Storm Hot Sauce

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     A great mix of Louisiana cane syrup and jalapeno peppers with a habanero and cayenne pepper base that gives a great taste and medium heat sauce.

Bayou Passion Pepper Sauce

     This is a medium heat sauce based on cayenne pepper and garlic. The equal balance of the ingredients makes it a great baste for buffalo wings, chicken and fish.

Sweet Cajun Hot Fire Sauce

     A sweet hot sauce made from cayenne and smoked jalapeno peppers.

Bayou Fireballs Pepper Sauce

     This is a hot sauce with the right balance of cayenne and habanero peppers and minced garlic. Not only is it a great addition to your dishes, but the astronauts on the International Space Station liked it enough to take some into space with them.

Mr. Blister’s Garlic Extreme Hot Sauce

     This is a medium hot garlic sauce that really overdoes it with the garlic. It is made from mild cayenne peppers for people that enjoy garlic without the sauce being too hot.

Bayou Pecker Power Sauce

     The sauce mixes beer with habanero sauce in this sauce that has a Caribbean style flavor and is the hottest sauce in Louisiana.

Bayou Blow Torch Pepper Sauce

     A sauce designed purely to be hot that mixes cayenne and habanero peppers with cane vinegar for a straight pepper flavor.

Alligator Bayou BBQ Sauce

     The biggest selling BBQ sauce in Louisiana, Alligator Bayou is a sweet tomato- based sauce with cayenne and smoked jalapeno peppers. It is also popular in many other southern states.

Make Your Own Cajun Hot Sauce

     As well as all the popular brands of Cajun sauce, it is quite simple to make your own. You will need:

  • 13 large Tabasco chilies
  • Cane vinegar
  • 2 Garlic cloves

     Slice the peppers in half lengthwise, and remove the stems and seeds before broiling for 5 minutes. Cool in a paper bag before peeling the skin off. Use a blender or food processor to blend the ingredients until it is the right consistency.

     The Cajun region of Louisiana is renowned worldwide for its great cuisine and these great sauces will certainly add some spice to your meals. The next time you are faced with some bland food, why not spice it up with some of this great Cajun hot sauce?

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