Best Hot Sauce

     When looking for the best hot sauce you need to consider what you will be using the hot sauce for. Hot chili pepper sauce comes in a variety of styles from thick to thin sauce, rubs for meat and even dessert hot sauces blended with chocolate and habanero peppers.

Hot Sauce

     There are as many definitions for hot sauce as there are makers of hot sauce. However, hot sauce is basically a spicy sauce that contains some type of hot chili pepper.

  • Chipotle is a type of smoked and or roasted jalapeño pepper that generally is ground into a paste with or without finely diced vegetables.
  • Achiote is a blend of ground spice seeds and may include annato, coriander, cumin,peppercorns and oregano. It is used as a flavoring and a condiment for many foods.
  • Adobo is made from chili peppers, onions, tomatoes with vinegar and used more as a hot marinade sauce.

The above are the best hot sauce types although there are hundreds of recipe variations.

Top Selling Hot Sauce

     Not all the well-known brands of sauce made it into the top selling hot sauce lists for 2010. Dave’s and Franks Hot Sauce did make it into the best hot sauce selling list.

In a recent customer rating review Bucky Goldstein's Hot Sauce,Baron West Indian Hot Sauce and Frank's Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce scored in the top three for the top selling hot sauce brands.


     When looking to buy hot sauce for heat, especially one that is sure to make you break into a sweat, consider one of these award winning hot sauce brands.

  • Frank's Red-Hot XTRA Hot with four times the heat of Frank’s Original Red-Hot Sauce, made with aged cayenne peppers.Frank's Red-Hot XTRA Hot doesn’t burn, but will provide any additional heat that you may want.
  • Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce considered a regular sauce can be used in creating a hot BBQ sauce, soups and stews.Dave‘s Insanity hot sauces have won many awards including Los Angeles Festival Best Hot Sauce Aisle by Aisle, Best Sauce Award by Hot & Spicy Foods Festival.
  • Arizona Gunslinger offers more than just one hot sauce, such as Hot Chipotle Habanera Sauce, and Smokin’ Hot Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce and Hot Sauce. Gunslinger hot sauce includes Habanera and Mango Sauce, Green Jalapeno Sauce and offers many products in small containers for lunch boxes and travel.
  • Blair’s offers a mild sauce that is considered mild, called Wasabi Green Tea with a limey taste and flavored with cilantro.
  • Captain Thom’s Thai Monkey sauce is created with wasabi, Thai chili peppers, pineapple and peanut butter.
  • Crazy Uncle Jester’s After Burner Sauce is a mix of habanera and chocolate blended into a sauce that can be used as a topping for vanilla ice cream or pound cake

Flavor or Heat

     When looking for a hot sauce, keep in mind some hot sauces are created for heat while others are made with flavor in mind. Each brand of sauce will have a special flavor due to ingredients including pepper types, vinegar, tomato or citrus. Mexican type hot sauces use peppers and little or no vinegar, while Louisiana type sauce uses vinegar and occasionally sugar to impart a special flavor. Thai hot sauce has many unique flavors, blending garlic with chili’s and peppercorns, citrus or sugar give these types of hot sauces flavor or heat.

Choosing the best hot sauce may need to be a choice that is made considering the recipe or food it will be used on, instead of whether it’s the best-selling hot sauce. Chocolate may be great on ice cream, but it may not be as tasty used in barbecue sauce.

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